Auto Loans

Now you can own your dream car with saib car loan and benefit from the strongest finance programs in Egypt.


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Apply Now for the Auto loan program which includes the costs of license and insurance installments for the first year.
In addition, you can now apply for our various car loan programs without any down payments or sale ban/prohibition.




Auto loan benefits:
  • Finance up to 100% of Car price.

  • Financing New & Used Cars.

  • Financing up to EGP 6 Million according to program type.

  • Flexible repayment plan with minimum of 12 months and up to 7 Years.

  • Various of car loan programs that suit all the customers’ needs.

  • Competitive interest rate.

  • Possibility of car finance with no ban on sale or car insurance.

  • Convenience of repayment through transfer the salary / installment in addition to (saib various branches or ATMs or banking transfers,…)

Clients’ Categories


  • Employees 
  • Government Sector
  • Public and private Sector 
  • Business Sector
  • Petroleum Companies
  • Banks 
  • Faculty Universities Members 
  • Businessmen
  • Professionals


General Required Documents
  • Copy of valid national ID.
  • Original recent Utility Bill.
  • Auto Loan application.
  • Original HR letter showing the hiring date, title and monthly salary or last 3 months bank statement showing salary or last 3 stamped salary slips.
  • Original company undertaking letter to transfer the salary / installment according to the bank template in cases of transfer only.
Businessmen and Professionals
  • Original recent & valid Commercial Register that is less than 3 months for the commercial registrations

  • Copy of valid Tax Card.

  • Copy of license to practice profession & license of establishment for Professionals.

  • Original company’s bank statement for the last 6 months along with copy of Company contract or stamped original Customer’s Bank statement for the last 6 months.

Used Cars
  • Copy of the car license subject to financing (Valid)

  • Vehicle inspection report presented from the authorized agencies or authorized maintenance centers 


  • The Bank has the right to request additional documents if necessary. 

All Terms and Conditions apply

For more information, please call 16668 24/7 or visit the nearest branch.