ATMs for your everyday banking needs

Access your accounts and carry out most of your personal banking transactions without having to visit a branch. Our ATM Network is simple-to-use, convenient, versatile and totally reliable.

  • Instant cash withdrawal
  • Cash deposit direct to your saib debit , credit & prepaid card at select ATMs
  • Balance enquiries
  • Mini-statement requests
  • PIN and language change

Cardholders can withdraw cash from any of our ATMs in Egypt. You can also use your debit, credit & prepaid cards to access your account from more than 50 ATM all over Egypt.

Security tips for using your card at any ATM 
  • Look around and observe your surroundings. If the machine is poorly lit or is in a hidden area, use another ATM. 
  • If you find any signs of the ATM being physically tampered with or attached with external fittings or loose wirings, report this to the bank and use another ATM. 
  • Make sure that anyone waiting in the queue is not able to see you entering your PIN. 
  • Ensure that your transaction is completed and you have the card in your possession before you leave the ATM. Do not leave your ATM receipt on the machine. 
  • If your card is retained at the ATM, contact saib 16668 immediately. 
  • Be suspicious of anyone near the ATM offering help, even if dressed as a bank employee or security staff.
  • Regularly change your PIN at any saib ATM in your card.