Governmental Payments


Since E-finance has been provided on of the most unique & important services to the gov. sector & companies which instantly provides paying all kinds of (Tax / Customs / Social Insurance  ...etc) & exclusively provide the possibility of making gov. payments from company's work place 24/7 with the possibility of extracting General reports & details payments anytime during the day. saib is now glad to offer you the following:

Governmental Collection
  • Electronic online settlement of all types of governmental collections*.
    (in addition to other types of collections that will be added in the future.)
  • This service is offered to both SAIB customers and non-customers at all of our branches.


Corporate Payment Service (CPS)
  • Ideal for settlement of Egyptian Governmental dues.
  • We provide a secured linked line to settle all the governmental payments including customs fees, taxes and any other governmental dues from the bank account.
  • With this service there is no need to visit any of the bank branches.
  • This service is available during bank holidays.