saib payband


saib introduces "saib payband" to its superior customers a trendy and modern tool for electronic payments, which is one of the contactless payment methods aiming to cope with the recent technology of payment

As you can pay the value of your purchases through an electronic bracelet that is worn in hand while the transaction is executed by tapping the bracelet over the electronic point of sale POS

saib payband is a supplement to the card - as if you are using your card itself with a limit for each transaction, where you can perform all your transactions with up to EGP 600 without entering a pin code using this bracelet

This service is now available for the following Cards

Credit Cards



Debit Cards

Payband pack includes:


  1. The Card either Debit or Credit
  2. A card contains a mini tag
  3. A plastic waterproof bracelet




How to use:



  1. The contactless smart chip is extracted from the card
  2. The mini tag is placed in the place designated at the back of the bracelet
  3. Call the contact center to activate the bracelet’s sim card for you, after reviewing your registered personal data.
  4. You can now use saib wearable by just tapping over any of the POSs to execute your transaction









  1. It is a lightweight, waterproof and modern payment tool
  2. It is the fastest and most secure way to pay for your purchases transactions
  3. You can track your transactions executed by the bracelet through the free SMS service
  4. It lets you avoid any waiting time or crowded places without the need to deal directly with the seller
  5. There is no need to feed the bracelet with any deposit transactions, as long as your primary card is loaded with amounts sufficient for your transactions.