Classic Debit

Exclusive benefits and privileges to compliment your lifestyle



  • Wide acceptance at all merchants and ATMs locally and globally.
  • Online shopping availability by the card through calling the contact center 16668 to activate the service
  • The possibility of using the card in executing transactions of all government entities with POS points (Meeza Network), or payments’ settlement of governmental services through the e-Government portals.
  • Unlimited number of supplementary cards can be issued.
  • saib Debit MasterCard is chip based.
  • Rewards program, where you can get 0.25 points for each purchase pound and then exchange the expected points for free purchasing through Pay with Rewards application.
  • Availability of Cash deposit through saib different ATMs 
  • Safer than carry cash
  • Ease of Card activation through our 24/7 Call Center 16668
  • Ease of PIN code creation and change through the nearest saib ATM machine.
  • Alerting SMS after any transaction 
  • Enjoy saib discounts at a variety of selected merchants 
  • The ability to conduct transactions and pay with the contactless feature by only tapping your card. 


Classic Debit Card

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