saib Mobile Banking

Online banking let you perform your everyday transactions at your convenience

Why saib Mobile banking ?

Banking at your fingertips

Here are some of the key features of our mobile banking service

Accounts and cards summary

    • Summary for all the accounts and cards
    • Shows account type, account number and available balance

Types of transactions 

    • Shows the transactions scheduled by the user for later time
    • Shows the pay date, the credit account number and the amount of the transaction


Types of Requests 

My Portfolio:

    • Shows the total balance of each type of accounts, total debit, total credit and net balance of the user


    • Between My Accounts
    • Other Internal Accounts
    • Domestic Transfers (within Country)
    • International Fund Transfer
    • Demand Draft / Managers Cheque
    • Beneficiary Management
    • Fund Transfer History


Create New TD/CD

    • Allows the user to open a new Certificate/ Term deposit
    • A tenure (Certificate/ Term deposit period)
    • An account from which the amount of the Certificate/ Term deposit will be deducted
    • The amount of the Certificate/ Term deposit


Chequebook Request

    • Allows the user to request a new chequebook


           Cheque Details

    • Allows the user to search for specific Cheque , and the following Cheque details are displayed:
      • Cheque Number
      • Date Presented
      • Cheque Amount
      • Cheque Date
      • Currency & Status


Internet Transaction History

    • Enables the customer to view the history of his/her own transactions carried out through online banking based on search criteria.


Pending Transactions

    • Enables the customer to view his/her future dated transactions, transactions that he scheduled to be executed later in the future transactions.


Exchange Rates

    • Enable the customer to view the bank exchange rates for all currencies




This is in addition to many other available features at one click of your mouse.