Internet Banking

Online banking let you perform your everyday transactions at your convenience

Why Online banking ?

No need to visit the branch to perform your banking transactions

Here are some of the key features of our online banking service

Accounts and cards summary

    • Summary for all the accounts and cards
    • Shows account type, account number and available balance

Types of transactions 

    • Shows the transactions scheduled by the user for later time
    • Shows the pay date, the credit account number and the amount of the transaction


Types of Requests 

My Portfolio:

    • Shows the total balance of each type of accounts, total debit, total credit and net balance of the user


    • Between My Accounts
    • Other Internal Accounts
    • Domestic Transfers (within Country)
    • International Fund Transfer
    • Demand Draft / Managers Cheque
    • Beneficiary Management
    • Fund Transfer History


Create New TD/CD

    • Allows the user to open a new Certificate/ Term deposit
    • A tenure (Certificate/ Term deposit period)
    • An account from which the amount of the Certificate/ Term deposit will be deducted
    • The amount of the Certificate/ Term deposit

To find out the steps on how to open a certificate or term deposit through internet banking, kindly Click Here

Chequebook Request

    • Allows the user to request a new chequebook


           Cheque Details

    • Allows the user to search for specific Cheque , and the following Cheque details are displayed:
      • Cheque Number
      • Date Presented
      • Cheque Amount
      • Cheque Date
      • Currency & Status


Internet Transaction History

    • Enables the customer to view the history of his/her own transactions carried out through online banking based on search criteria.


Pending Transactions

    • Enables the customer to view his/her future dated transactions, transactions that he scheduled to be executed later in the future transactions.


Exchange Rates

    • Enable the customer to view the bank exchange rates for all currencies


This is in addition to many other available features at one click of your mouse.

Steps to activate the Internet banking service

For the steps of activating the security code for the internet banking service, kindly Click Here

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or Click here for the FAQ.

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