Time Deposits


Whether you are looking for a short-term investment or a long-term one, you will find what you need with saib Time deposits.

Smart TD

saib Smart TD is a short-term time deposit in different tenors for individuals

TD's Features: 



3 month

6 month

9 month

12 month

12 month

Minimum amount

EGP 150,000

EGP 250,000

EGP 500,000

EGP 250,000

EGP 250,000

Annual Interest rate






Interest Payment frequency





At Maturity

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Time deposit in EGP


  • Time deposits are available for individuals and corporate customers.
  • Competitive return.
  • Various Deposit durations to suit your needs.

All terms and conditions apply

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Diamond TD in EGP

  • Long term time deposit for 3 years with fixed interest

  • Minimum TD amount is 500 EGP

  • Available for individual and non-individual customers

  • Rate is annually and paid on monthly basis or on quarterly basis according to the customer choice on date of issuance

  • Customer can borrow against TDs with same currency according to the bank’s lending policy

For more information, please call our hotline 16668

KONOZ Time deposit in USD

Invest your money with our NEW product “KONOOZ USD TD”


SAIB offers you a special TD in USD tenor 6 months to be compatible with your needs

TD’s features

  • 6 months TD with interest at maturity
  • TD is available for individual and non-individual customers
  • Minimum amount of the TD is 50,000 USD
  • TD could be redeemed after 3 months from date of issuance as per the TD redemption table for each TD tenor.
  • TD could be collateral to asset products with same currency after 3 months from TD issuance date up to 70% of the TD amount and according to the bank credit policy.

All terms and conditions apply. To Print the Application, Click here

For more information, please call our hotline 16668