Benefits granted to employees
Benefits granted to employees

  • Differentiated Payroll Segments according to the employee's monthly income that commensurate with his needs.
  • Specialized Payroll Current Account without a minimum balance, exempted from account opening fees, monthly expenses and commission for declining from the minimum balance.
  • An annual interest is calculated on the daily balance and fully credited to the payroll account at the end of the month
  • Issue Debit Cards (World Elite/Platinum/Titanium/Classic) or prepaid to obtain salary and use it in purchases and withdrawals.
  • Exemption from fees for issuing and renewing debit and prepaid cards.
  • Exemption from commission of withdrawals transaction from other bank ATMs on count of up to 8 monthly withdrawal movements.
  • The ability to deposit into an account or prepaid card through some ATMs
  • Life Insurance & Total Disability insurance is granted for Free to the company’s employees whose their salaries are transferred to the bank regularly equivalent to the sum of 3 months’ salary from the last salary transferred to the bank with Maximum amount of EGP 600,000 for each employee.  *


  • MasterCard credit cards for payroll customers with the following features:
    • The minimum payment is 5% of the total due on the card per month
    • Installment program for transactions with competitive interest
    • Subscribe to the saib rewards system for cards by subscribing and downloading the MasterCard Pay with Reward app.
    • Take advantage of MasterCard offers and discounts on travel, insurance, and lifestyle benefits through the MasterCard For You app.                                                         

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    • Additional points are awarded only once as a reward for using cards, when the total purchases made with the credit card (according to each type of card) reach a maximum of 3 months (starting from the date of the first purchase transaction).
  • The possibility of borrowing against salary, according to the following:
    • Loan tenor up to 12 years
    • The minimum salary to obtain the loan is EGP 1,500
    • Preferential loan interest rates against paid salary (based on credit rating of the company)”
    • Loan amount is up to EGP 3,000,000 (based on credit rating of the company and the customer segment)
  • Discounts on check book issuance fees
  • Exemptions on fees for issuing standing orders instructions for outgoing transfers.
  • Wide network of ATMs are distributed throughout the country.
  • Call center (7 days / 24 hours)
  • Internet banking service, which allows you to view and transact with your accounts and cards at any time for free
  • SMS alert service
  • saib wallet mobile service
  • The possibility of obtaining all other products and services of the bank
  • Life style services for Excellence & Excellence Plus customers that achieve luxury & safety through our intermediary company (Les Concierges)

    * Exemptions and discounts varies according to each segment.

     * Terms & conditions apply.