Reward Points Program



Go ahead, reward yourself, you deserve it. Make everyday spending more rewarding by using your saib Card. Get Points for each purchase transaction you make and redeem your Points easily at anytime and from anywhere.

saib Reward Points Program is a rewards program which rewards you with points on engaging with any of saib Cards products:

Credit Cards

Debit Cards

Prepaid Card

saib cardholder will automatically enjoy the Rewards Program free of charge once he/she register the account on saib Rewards Program website.


Basic Reward Points:


Basic reward points are awarded only to all cardholders issued by our bank (except saib Meeza and saib STAR Cards) as a reward for every executed transaction; points are calculated at the same rates in domestic and international usage.


Card Product


Classic Credit Card

0.50 Point for every EGP 1

Titanium  Credit Card

0.60 Point for every EGP 1

Platinum Credit Card

0.90 Point for every EGP 1

Classic Debit Card

0.25 Point for every EGP 1

Titanium Debit Card

0.37 Point for every EGP 1

Platinum Debit Card

0.50 Point for every EGP 1

World elite Debit Card

0.75 Point for every EGP 1

Prepaid Card

0.25 Point for every EGP 1

Special offers for saib Credit Cardholders



Bonus Reward Points:


Bonus Reward Points are awarded only once to all existing and new credit cardholders as a reward for using their cards when the total value of purchases reach the below mentioned limits (according to each card type) within 3 months maximum (starting from the date of the first purchase transaction after launching the program)

Classic Credit Card

  • Total Purchases Value: EGP 15,000
  • Points: 15,000 Point
Titanium Credit Card

  • Total Purchases Value: EGP 25,000
  • Points: 25,000 Point
Platinum Credit Card

  • Total Purchases Value: EGP 30,000
  • Points: 50,000 Point
How to register on the Rewards points program website?


  1. Please download the MasterCard® Pay With Rewards ™ App from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create a password for the App.
  3. Enter your debit, credit or prepaid card number "16-digit", and your birthdate.

For more information about how to register and use please visit LINK

How do I redeem the points?


You can redeem your points immediately for purchase from anywhere in the world.


  1. Open MasterCard® Pay With Rewards™ app on your phone.
  2. Select next Purchase/ All Purchase


Note: The minimum points for redemptions will be 10,000 points each time.


For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 16668



Terms & Conditions Applied, To review Please visit LINK