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What exactly is IPN ?

IPN is an instant payment network that allows customers direct access to all accounts and real-time instant fund transfer and processed transactions through approved apps such as InstaPay all days of the week 24/7

What are IPN Services?

    • IPN allows customers to send money to any Bank accounts using Account number, Mobile number (for IPN on-boarded customers only), and Mobile number (for IPN on-boarded customers only)
    • Digital wallets (using mobile number)
    • Cards (Credit Card-Debit Card-Prepaid-Meeza). (Using 16-digit card number).

Who can benefit from IPN? 

    • All banked customers and Debit Cards, Meeza/ or prepaid and Credit Cards cardholders can benefit from IPN services through the InstaPay app owned by EBC.

How can I receive money through IPN?

    • By sharing your IPA or mobile number or initiating a collect request


What are the available limits of use through the InstaPay application?

    • Transaction limit: 70,000 EGP
    • Daily limit: 120,000 EGP
    • Monthly limit: 400,000 EGP

Who can I send to or receive money from?

    • IPN enabled Banks to send from bank accounts in the IPN application and receive on any bank account, wallets, Cards (Credit Card-Debit Card-Prepaid-Meeza).


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