Employees’ motivation


The bank’s management is keen to motivate its Human Capital through giving them the opportunity to grow and getting higher positions based on their performance & qualifications.

Based on that, HR strategy in this regards is giving high priority to the internal potentials, before looking outside the organization, to motivate our staff to do their best at work and increase their loyalty and organization commitment.



Investing in People

saib conducts a wide range of training & development programs through in-house and public courses.

These programs are designed in the first place to enhance employees’ capabilities and skills and keep them competitive to the dynamic market criteria. This enhancement will increase employees’ performance efficiency and on the other hand customer satisfaction and loyalty to the Bank’s level of service.



Succession planning

As part of HR strategic role, we are preparing a second & third lines in all sectors to be ready to take the responsibility at any time, through a number of programs that ensure that their technical & soft skills are matching with the required qualifications for their future positions.


Compensation and Benefits

saib provides a very competitive Compensation & Benefit scheme to attract, retain and satisfy its workforce during their work with saib.

As for the medical package, saib provide its workforce and their families a wide range of medical networks with a competitive coverage.



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