Cash Loan

Now achieve all your dreams with saib cash Loan and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Financing up to EGP 4 Million according to program type.
  • Flexible repayment plan starting with minimum of 6 months and up to 12 Years.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Various programs that suit the customers’ needs.
  • Specific programs for (Bankers, Doctors, Faculty Universities Members, Educational loan & Property Owners). In addition to a fruitful bouquet of other programs.
  • Convenience of repayment through transfer the salary / installment in addition to (saib various branches or ATMs or banking transfers,…)

Clients’ Categories
  • Employees at (Government Sector / Public Sector /Private Sector / Multinationals /Business Sector / Petroleum Companies/ Banks / Faculty Universities Members / Armed Forces/Property Owners).
  • Businessmen & Professionals.
  • Doctors and Pharmacists.


General Required Documents
  • Copy of valid national ID
  • Cash loan application
  • Original of recent Utility Bill
Documents Based On Applicant’s Category
  • Original HR letter showing the hiring date, title and monthly salary or last 3 months bank statement showing salary or last a bank statement of 6 months showing the customer’s salary or receipt slips approved by the company Stamp HR
  • Original Company’s undertaking letter to transfer the salary / installment according to the bank template or the company template after obtaining the legal and retail risk approval in case of transfer only.
Businessmen and Professionals
  • Original recent & valid commercial register that is less than 3 months for the commercial registrations owners’.
  • Copy of valid tax card.
  • Copy of license to practice profession & license of establishment for Professionals.
  • A bank account statement for the last 6 months in the name of the customer or the company, and in the case of submitting a bank statement in the name of the company, a copy of the company contract must be submitted
  • Copy of syndicate Card ID
  • Copy of License to practice profession
  • Copy of Clinic license for clinic owners or proof from the entity with years of experience for employees
University Faculty Members
  • An original recent income certificate approved by the employer indicating the date of appointment, job grade and monthly income.
  • Copy of recent University ID card or written statement from university.
Property Owners
  • Copy of property contract

  • The Bank has the right to request additional documents if necessary.

All Terms and Conditions apply.


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