Saib Payroll Segments & Service


saib bank provides integrated banking solutions for companies and employees that are easy, secure and effective.
With saib Payroll Service, all employee salaries, incentives and allowances are transferred in strict confidentiality and safety, in addition to providing a set of benefits that are provided to employees through saib Payroll Segments that meet the banking needs of employees according to their transferred salaries.



saib Payroll Segments

saib Bank offers a set of competitive services and features to payroll clients (current and new) by subscribing to Payroll Segments that have been carefully prepared to suit their needs according to their monthly transferred salaries as follows:


saib Excellence Plus (From EGP 125K)
saib Excellence (From EGP 40K and below EGP 125K)
saib Star (From EGP 10K and below EGP 40K)
saib Smart (From EGP 1,500 and below EGP 10K)
Saib Standard (Below EGP 1,500)