El Rabeh Fund

Diversification of Fixed Income Instruments with the Possibility of Quarterly distributions

EL Rabeh Fund Benefits:


  • Long Term Investment: EL Rabah Fund is an open-ended fund. A unique product with daily subscriptions and monthly redemptions.
  • No Subscription/ Redemption Fees: No subscription nor redemption fees. Returns achieved on your investments are free from any upfront fees.
  • Low Investments Risk: ELRabah fund enables you to participate in underlying financial instruments such as treasury & corporate bonds and other debt securities that generate high yields with minimum risk of capital exposure.
  • Monthly Liquidity: An open –ended fund with daily subscriptions and redemptions.
  • Accessibility: Daily subscriptions till 12:00 p.m. through more than 34 branches across all Egypt.
  • Tax Exemption for Retail and Corporate Customers: ELRabah Fund returns are all exempted from taxes as per the law
  • Automatic Income Reinvestment: In ELRabah Fund, income from all bonds could be reinvested automatically and consistently added to the value of the fund until fund distribution date.
  • Diversification: ELRabah Fund invests in many individual bonds so that even a relatively small investment is diversified. An assortment of secured fixed investment



Asset Allocation​

Asset Allocation %​

Treasury Bills & Bonds

Max. of 90%​


Max. of 20%​

Other Fixed Income or Similar Funds​

Max. of 50%​


- The minimum subscription for El Rabah Investment Fund is 5 Units.

Lending facilities*: Whenever in need for cash, apply for a credit facility with a guarantee  of the Investment certificate Par Value at any point in time

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