Youmy Fund

Today, benefit from the expertise of a professionally managed portfolio of the local money market through a fund that offers accumulated daily income for investors seeking liquidity across short or medium terms.


Youmy is a money market mutual fund, launched in April 2014, aiming to create a vehicle that offers an accumulated daily income and liquidity for both individuals and corporate investors.

Diversified Portfolio:


The fund invests in a variety of local/foreign short-term fixed income securities – 0% equity. The fund invests in TDs and Treasury Bills.On going Strategy



Investment Guidelines:


Asset Allocation Asset %
  • A maximum of 100 % to be invested in T-bills
  • A maximum of 90 % to be invested in repurchase agreements
  • A maximum of 95 % to be invested in current accounts and bank deposits
  • A maximum of 40 % to be invested in T-bonds
  • A maximum of 40 % to be invested in corporate bonds
  • A maximum of 10 % to be invested in bank CDs
  • A maximum of 40 % to be invested in bank deposits and CDs combined from a single issuer
  • A maximum of 20 % to be invested in money market funds not exceeding 5 % of fund size
  • A maximum instrument duration of 13 months
  • A maximum of 10 % to be invested in securities of a single issuer with a maximum of 15 % of fund the issuer’s total securities
  • A maximum instrument duration of 13 months
  • A maximum portfolio duration of 150 days
  • A maximum of 10 % to be invested in a single issue with the exception of government issues


Rewarding Returns

Fund with an initial size of EGP 100M, providing daily accumulated return across short and medium term investments.

Daily Liquidity

Open-ended fund granting immediate access to the fund shares on a daily basis through more than 34 saib branches, with daily subscription and redemption free of charge.


Investment Advantages

Investor can monitor daily performance of the previous day through Eima and SAIB website.
Investors can monitor their investment performances through posts on the weekly business pages of the newspaper.
Corporate investors are granted funds free of tax in order to reap higher returns.
*Daily Subscriptions until 12:00 pm.


- The minimum subscription for Youmy Investment Fund is 500 Units.

- To view the prospectus, please click on the link

- Based on the approval of the Financial Supervisory Authority on January 26, 2021, the External auditor clause has been amended from the subscription prospectus of Saib Bank cash investment fund for liquidity in Egyptian pounds with a daily cumulative return "Youmy" allowing only one External auditor. This is in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Financial Supervisory Authority. No. 172 of 2020 amending Article 7 of Resolution No. 58 of 2018,

To view the financial statements, please click on the link