Murabahah (coming soon)


A Murabahah transaction involves the sale of goods (Goods, Cars, Metal) at a price which includes a profit margin agreed on by both parties. However, in Murabahah, the seller must let the buyer know the actual cost for the asset and the profit margin at the time of the sale agreement.


This refers to the sale of goods (Goods, Cars, Metal) where the buyer pays the seller after the sale together with an agreed upon profit margin, either in one lump or by installment.



Here's how it works:
  • You pick an asset (Goods, Cars, Metal) you would like to buy.
  • You then promise to purchase the asset from the bank through Murabaha Process.
  • Bank buys the asset from the owner on cash basis.
  • Ownership of the goods (Goods, Cars, Metal) passes to the bank.
  • After the bank owns the goods (Goods, Cars, Metal), it sells them on a separate contract in installments for to you at a mark-up price.
  • The ownership of the goods (Goods, Cars, Metal) is transferred from the bank to you.