Sanabel Islamic Fund

Now you can access the local, regional, and global equity markets through a fund that offers capital appreciation with a minimum total fund exposure in each tool.


SANABEL is an Islamic equity fund launched in December 2006 that aims to create a vehicle that allows investors to invest in local and regional markets through moderate risk investment strategies. The fund provides investors with moderate risk exposure to diversify across short and medium term local Islamic stocks, GDRs, and regional stocks.

Diversified Portfolio:

The fund invests in a variety of securities, with the majority of investments in Islamic equity.


Investment Guidelines

Asset Allocation​

Asset %​

Single Stock​ Exposure

Up to 95%​


Up to 5%​



Rewarding Returns

Fund with an initial size of EGP 100 M, providing investors capital appreciation through moderate risk investment across short and medium term investments.

Subscription & Redemption

Open-ended funds provide investors the luxury of daily subscription and weekly redemption through more than 34 saib branches on the first day of every week.




Equity Fund


Open Ended Mutual Fund​

Inception Date​

February – 07​

Initial Size​

EGP 100 Million​

Bank Sponsored​

saib – ADIB​

Fund Manager​


Base Currency ​


Min. Subscription​

5 Investment Certificates

Financial Year End​

31 December​

Subscription & Redemption​

Daily Subscription & Weekly Redemption on first working day of each week​

Subscription Fee​

no fees​

Redemption Fee​

no fees


25 years​



Investment Advantages

Investors can monitor their investment performances through posts on the weekly business pages of the newspaper.
The fund is allowed to invest in other similar types of mutual funds.
Diversification through access to regional and global markets.


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