El Maan Certificates

EGP Maan Certificate


EGP Maan Certificate Features & Benefits:​

  • The tenor of the certificate is 3 years and is based on shariah Mudaraba.
  • Certificate category 5,000 pounds and its multiples
  • With a variable return, expected based on the profitability of Islamic transactions pool in the bank, and it can be adjusted according to the new changes, as is the case in the Shariah Mudaraba contract.
  • Calculating the return starts from the business day after the certificate is linked
  • The adjustment in the rate of return applies to new and existing certificates
  • The value of the certificate and the revenue it generates, as well as the value of its recovery, is exempt from all types of taxes

Expected Return rate (last distribution):

  • 10% paid monthly

For more information please call 16668 (available 24 hours)