El Tayseer Account

An account approved by the Bank's Shariah Authority, based on Islamic Wakala, in which the bank is entitled to a specific fee as an agent for the client in the investment, and the bank expects future profits based on the profits actually achieved and distributed to customers in previous periods, the most important features are:

El Tayseer Account Features & Benefits:
  • Based on Islamic Wakala
  • The minimum amount to open the account and calculate the return is 100,000 pounds
  • The expected rate of return is calculated and added to the existing balance daily under the reconciliation account.
  • A daily return paid under the settlement account based on the profitability of Islamic transactions pool in the bank, and it can be adjusted according to the new changes as applied in the Sharia Wakala contract.
  • Calculating the return starts from the business day after the deposit
  • The possibility of opening the account for individuals and companies

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