Large Corporate


Competitive advantage:
  • Highly experienced staff supported by continuous training to keep pace with the latest industry developments and technical know-how.
  • Strong customer base with a healthy and diversified portfolio that is well-positioned in primary growth industries, including but not limited to: oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, infrastructure, construction, pharmaceuticals, food, and real estate.
  • Ability to provide a wide and innovative array of financial schemes.
  • Expertise of the employees with regard to local business, specific industry knowledge, customer needs, and product offerings.
  • High-quality and professional service with rigorous follow-up of customer business to enable them to prosper.
  • Fast credit process decision-making.


  • Maintained moderate levels of portfolio risk and managed an effective collection of loan portfolio payments.
  • Increase customer loyalty and expand saib’s market share.
  • Enhance the bank’s fee income stream by increasing trade business services.

Credit Facilities & Financing Programs


The Corporate Banking Group at saib provides its customers with a full range of products to achieve their business goals. To accomplish that, the bank’s list of financing products




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Forward Strategy

The Corporate Banking Group aims to achieve.


  • Maintain corporate strong growth momentum and become a bank with a clear competitive edge.


  • Continue selectively expanding our loan portfolio


  • Focus on building deeper relationships with existing client


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