Corporate social responsibility


saib perceives Corporate Social Responsibility as a fundamental value and an indispensable bank practice. saib supports activities and programs, in line with core banking services, as a means of developing social and economic growth in sectors such as environment, health, education, and employment, thus seeking to achieve proper integration with the community in which saib functions , Our contributions impact our local society, and hence this nationwide footprint has a positive influence on countless associations that pay special attention to children with special needs, orphanages, needy household mothers, services, and social assistance , saib embraces this sector in the hopes of building a better tomorrow for future generations.

El Ozouma


saib was the First bank to take such initiative and make the first branded mobile “Maedat Rahman” and distributing Ramadan supplies at the same among poor areas allover Cairo every day in Ramadan

El Ozouma is a joint project with the Egyptian food bank using a mobile double deck bus that was created especially for this project to serve as a double deck Maeda to distribute Ramadan bags in the morning and set Maedat Rahman during iftar time.

El Ozouma 2019

Location: Greater Cairo.

Number of Distributed Bags: 2400

El Ozouma 2020

Location: Greater Cairo, Alexandria

Number of Bags Distributed: 4500

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Egyptian Football official sponsor

saib has a prominent role in the sports sector, the bank is the official sponsor for the Egyptian football since 2014 till present and supported in evolving the game. The first time In the Egyptian football history to play the Egyptian super cup outside Egypt was saib super cup 2015 held in Al Ain stadium in the United Arab of Emirates.

Not only saib has important role in the Egyptian football history, but in the sports field in general as well such as sponsoring major sports events in various sectors for instance handball, squash, volleyball ...etc

Awards for people with special capabilities

saib sponsored the awards for people with special capabilities during the activities of Top 50 companies  organized by Amwal el Ghad under the patronage of Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, with the participation of 7 ministers and more than 700 executive leadership of major institutions operating in the Egyptian market
Sponsoring Talents

saib supports and backs its athletic employees by supporting them in order to get the best out of their talents to reach their goals.  Our latest hero is Aya Kadry, she is a horse riding champion who has achieved high ranks in many national and international championships, such as achieving the first place in Egyptian national championship for season 2018/2019.

saib super cup trip for 57357 & Paralympics champions to Abu Dhabi

The bank has organized a fully covered trip for 57357 and Paralympics champions to Abu Dhabi to attend the match and gave them the opportunity to attend the training day before the match for their favorite team and take pictures with them.

African cup of Nations qualifiers

In collaboration with the Egyptian football federation saib has shared in covering the cost for renting an airplane heading direct from Cairo to Kaduna in the African cup of Nations qualifiers, since there was no direct flights which saved much more time for the national team to arrive there in a good shape safely.

The National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute Egypt serves around 300,000 cancer patients annually and is considered the biggest institute in Egypt that serves this huge amount of cancer patients with all ages free of charge. saib has donated to the National Cancer Institute and participated as a main sponsor for Omar Khairat’s event that was held for donations.

Ahl Masr hospital

Ahl Masr hospital is the first hospital of its kind in Egypt, Middle East and Africa to offer free treatment to trauma and burn victims. The bank has donated to Ahl Misr Foundation and participated as a main sponsor for Majida El Roumy event that was held for donations.

Rotary club Egypt

In collaboration with Rotary Club Egypt saib has participated in organizing awareness event for ending polio in Egypt.