Agricultural Development Program (ADP)

Agricultural Development Program (ADP)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation teams up with SAIB through ADP to offer credit loans at affordable interest rates and acceptable conditions. The loans are related to the following fields and projects:

1) Livestock and dairy products

2) Poultry projects

3) Cultivation of fish projects

4) Reclamation and cultivation of new land

5) Field crops

6) Horticultural crops

7) Medicinal and aromatic plants as well as honey products

8) Income from agricultural production

9) Post-harvest operations

10) Agricultural marketing

11) Young graduates and rural women’s projects

Targeted Groups

  • Companies with a maximum of LE 16 M
  • Individuals with a maximum of LE 2 M
Loan Type Short Term Medium Term Long Term
Term of Loan 12 months From 12 to 36 monthsFrom 36 to 60 months
Interest Rate 7.5%8.5% 9.5%
Grace Period ----Maximum 12 monthsMaximum 24 months
Payment Method installment in one lump sum Semi-annual installments Semi-annual installmentsSemi-annual installment in one lump sumSemi-annual installmentsSemi-annual installments