Small and Medium enterprises (SME’s)


SAIB established a specialized department for small and medium enterprises in 2008 .

One of SAIB’s main objectives is to support SMEs due to their importance and significant impact on the Egyptian economy. Currently, this sector is considered the backbone of any economy and has been identified as the real engine of Egypt’s economy. This is attributed to the fact that SMEs represent around 80% of Egyptian market.

Moreover, the bank offers a distinguished package of financing schemes and services tailored according to each company’s financing needs with softer terms and conditions. On the other hand, SAIB is always keen on support, and therefore signed an agreement with Social Fund for Development to allow financing SMEs with special low interest rates that do not exceed 10% decreasing and payment terms up to 5 years.

CBE New Regulations:

    According to the recent Central Bank of Egypt directives, 20% of the Bank portfolio should be directed to finance SME’s within the upcoming 3 years.