Board Committees

SAIB Board Committees

Audit Committee

The Committee supervises the bank’s regulatory functions and Internal Audit (in accordance with article 82 of Law 88 for the year 2003). The committee is constituted according to Article No. (82) of the Law No. (88) for the year 2003 and consists of three non-executive board members who have the experience, knowledge, and expertise in the financial and accounting fields.

Risk Committee

The Committee controls and follow up the bank’s risk management functions and its compliance with strategies and policies adopted to manage risk.

Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee

The Committee’s primary purpose is to develop and recommend to the Board corporate governance policies and guidelines for the Bank, also identifying, nominating director and committee member candidates for election to the Board and appointment to committee membership. The committee ensures the application of Corporate Governance rules. The committee is comprised of three non-executive members.

Compensation and Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to study salaries and bonuses and review policies and regulations related to salaries, allowances, bonuses, profit incentives and promotions.
The Committee reviews regulations governing the Board Members and employees advantages in sight of the anticipated objectives to be achieved and submits recommendations to The Board of Directors. The committee is comprised of three non-executive members.

Executive Committee

SAIB Executive Committee is constituted in accordance with the provisions of Article (82) of the Law No. (88) for the year 2003. The committee is comprised of nine members and is presided over by the chairman or his deputy. The main duties of the committee are stated under Article No. (29) of the Executive Statute of the aforementioned law.