“SAIB” Payroll Service

Get paid with the lowest charges

No more worries about employees’ monthly salaries. “SAIB” payroll service card covers all your financial payments, including and not limited to: employees’ salaries, incentives and allowances.

Your money is in safe hands with “SAIB Star” card, processed in complete confidentiality.


  • Opening a current account in the company’s name. Account is to be funded, at least two working days prior to the payment of salaries.
  • open an account for free for employees
  • Card issuance fees: L.E. 20
  • Annual renewal fees: L.E. 15

“SAIB” payroll features:

  • Reduction of cash amount in company’s treasury.
  • Fast processing of salaries and other disbursements.
  • 24/7 cash processing service, including on official holidays.
  • Complete security and confidentiality of payroll service.
  • Issuance of SAIB Master Credit Cards for employees against salaries, credit up to a limit of 3 times the gross salary, with flexibility of deducting minimum requirement (5% of drawn amount) from the account.
  • Free bank ATM cash withdrawals, plus cash withdrawal accessibility to any 123 marked machine; withdrawal commission 2 L.E is the lowest withdrawal commission on payroll cards.

For more information, please call SAIB Customer Information at 16668 or + 202 33325270 for outside Egypt calls.