“SAIB” Payroll Service

SAIB bank offers secured and effective easy integrated banking solutions for your company.

SAIB payroll Packages allows you to transfer employees’ salaries, incentives, allowances…etc., with a variety of other privileges and services that offered to the company and their employees.

 Privileges granted to the company

The system allows salaries transfer in a secured way; granting the following:

  • Debit salaries from company’s account and credit to employees accounts.
  • Quick and accurate salary transfer
  • Less cash handling within the company
  • Free hassle money transfer
  • Reduced human error in paying salaries
  • Secured and confidential salary transfer service

Privileges granted to employees

  • Free current account with no minimum opening balance required. *
  • Debit card or prepaid card to receive salaries and use it for purchasing & cash withdrawal locally and internationally.
  • Ability to deposit in the account or prepaid card through some of bank’s ATMs that enable the deposit service or through our branches during working hours.
  • Free subscription internet banking service, that allows customers balance inquiry and transaction history on their accounts (Debit cards only).
  • Free subscription to the smart mobile wallet service that allows customers to:
  • Transfer/receive money to/from another customer in the bank or outside the bank who has a mobile wallet.
  • Cash deposit/withdrawal to/from the wallet through ATMs
  • Payment of mobile, landline and ADSL bills.
  • Ability to recharge the mobile wallet through all types of our cards.
  • Issuing our bank’s credit cards for employees by guaranteeing their salaries with a credit limit starting from EGP 1,000 without maximum limit amount, with the possibility of deducting the minimum (5% of the amounts withdrawn) from the card limit.
  • The possibility of borrowing with salary guarantee provided that the monthly net income is not less than 1,200 EGP and the loan duration is from 6 months to 120 months and the loan amount up to EGP 1,000,000 (Based on company’s tier).

* In case the customer salary is below EGP 1,200, will issue prepaid card without need to open bank account.

Payroll packages

SAIB Bank offers a range of competitive services and features to its payroll customers through three packages carefully tailored against the needs of companies and employees as follow…

  • Pyramids
  • Nile
  • Sphinx


Payroll packages benefits *

 Accounts benefits

  • Free account opening fees
  • Discount on accounts’ monthly fees.
  • Waive bank statement fees

Debit and prepaid cards fees

  • Free issuance fees
  • Waive cash withdrawal charges for other banks ATMs.

Credit Cards benefits

  • Discounted issuance fees.

Cash Loans benefits

  • Special interest rate
  • Discounted admin fees

* Benefits vary according to package type.

For more information, please call our customer service at 16668 or + 202 33325270 for calling from outside Egypt.

 All Terms & Conditions apply.