Credit Facilities & Financing Programs

Credit Facilities & Financing Programs:

The Corporate Banking Group at SAIB provides its customers with a full range of products to achieve their business goals. To accomplish that, the bank’s list of financing products includes the following:

  • Short-term Credit facilities
  • Term Facilities to finance CAPEX and other Corporate Purposes
  • Project Finance and Infra Structure Finance
  • Export & Trade Finance, Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, Documentary Credit, etc.
  • Financial Leasing and Sale & Lease Back Facilities (through SAIB Leasing Subsidiary)
  • Factoring Services (through SAIB Factoring Subsidiary)
  • SAIB has many Islamic banking solutions that cater to the financial needs of large corporate in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shariah.

Forward Strategy

The Corporate Banking Group aims to achieve the following :

  • Continue selectively expanding our loan portfolio to achieve high-quality asset growth through a special focus on growth-driving industries.
  • Playing a vital role in supporting the Egyptian economy through financing the government’s planned mega projects during the fiscal year.
  • Focus on building deeper relationships with existing clients through added services and products and bringing on new customers and sectors in the portfolio.
  • Continue the introduction of non-conventional financial solutions to our distinguished corporate clients.
  • Business and Marketing Development continued to prosper and provide a mix of new services and products across many levels by expanding and diversifying its products and targeting new potential customers.
  • Maintain corporate strong growth momentum and become a bank with a clear competitive edge.