Current Account

Current Account, Call accounts, and Current account with Segments:

​​SAIB expanded its innovation of products and offered current accounts with daily returns, supporting you to manage your funds with flexibility to liquidate.

The current account is designed to facilitate your everyday banking transactions, providing you with a host of benefits that suit your banking needs:

– Current account that allows you to deposit and withdraw cash at any time from any branch or through our ATM

– Offered to individuals and corporate customers.

  • Investment Account
  • – Interest type: -3.25% (Corridor Deposit rate)- Interest payment frequency: Daily, paid monthly- Minimum purchase amount: 250,000 EGP
  • Call accounts:

-Gives the facilities of the current account in addition to a daily return

  • Current account with segments:

-Exceptional and compatible account with categories starting from 50,000 reaching 50,000,000 EGP.

-Calculating interest on daily basis according to each segment or category

Current Account with Segments

Segment Category
First segment From 50,000 to 100,000 EGP
Second segment From 101,000 to 500,000 EGP
Third segment From 501,000 to 1M EGP
Fourth segment From 1,001 M to 5M EGP
Fifth segment From 5,001 M to 10M EGP
Sixth segment From 10M to 50M EGP
Seventh segment Above 50 M

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