Credit Cards

Credit Cards features

Purchasing Power

  • 58 days grace period on purchase & withdrawal.
  • Very attractive monthly interest rate for Cash withdrawal & Purchase.
  • 5% minimum monthly payment of the outstanding balance.
  • Wide acceptance at all merchants and ATMs locally and globally.
  • Online shopping enables you to do all of your shopping using one card.*
  • The possibility of using the card in executing transactions of all government entities with POS points (Meeza Network), or payments’ settlement of governmental services through the e-Government portals. *
  • Cash withdrawal up to 100% of your credit limit.
  • Unlimited number of supplementary cards issued.
  • A unique collection of experiences for MasterCard cardholders (check online

We secure:

  • Enjoy our special and free SMS services on time (cash withdrawal, purchase, online transactions, & deposits).
  • SAIB Credit MasterCard is chip based.
  • Online Call Center 24/7 16668 or + 202 16668 outside Egypt calls.


* Cardholders must contact SAIB Customer Service center 16668 to activate the cards’ online payment service.

All terms & conditions apply