Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

SAIB approaches Corporate Governance as the integrated discipline under which we operate and exist. Our solid belief that Corporate Governance is the sole road to creating and maximizing value for all stakeholders affected by our existence as a business entity, provides the helm for directing and controlling the way we do business.

SAIB’s Board of Directors promotes integrity and ethical behavior via leading by example and plays the key role in endorsing our bank strategy, developing directional policy, appointing, supervising, and remunerating Senior Executives,and ensuring the bank’s accountability to its investors and authorities.

Our comprehensive code of conduct asserts and provides a guide to sustaining and having an ethics-driven community.

SAIB respects shareholders’ rights and helps them exercise those rights by communicating understandable and accessible information for effective participation in general meetings.

Accountability is key to our Corporate Governance practices, holding those in power accountable for their actions. To ensure accountability, our Board composition ensures diversity, Chairman duties, and CEO duties are separated, ensuring dispersion of authority and fostering a culture of full disclosure to build trust.

SAIB’s CG framework rests on solid pillars represented in our prominent Board of Directors and Senior Management, Internal Audit matrix ( Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit), and our commitment to transparency and disclosure.

SAIB bank adheres to the Central Bank of Egypt guidance and regulations to effective Corporate Governance practices to ensure the well-being of the Banking Sector and the Egyptian Society as a whole.

SAIB Board of Directors

Mr. Tarek Mohamed Badawy ALkholy
Chairman & delegated Member of the Board
Mr.Tarek El Kholy, has more than 35 years’ of extensive experience in the Banking and Finance industry, during which he has held key operational and managerial positions. Mr. ElKholy holds a High Diploma in Banking Finance, he has attended extensive training programs in diverse technical and managerial levels in the fields of Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Project Finance, Treasury, Capital Markets, Trade Finance and credit analysis. He joined the Banking Industry in 1982 with the Arab Bank PLC, as a Foreign Exchange officer, Credit Risk Manager, Senior Credit Manager then he joined MiBank as General Manager (Head of consolidated Risk Management) also he joined Bank Audi as Senior General Manager (Head of consolidated Risk Management). He was a member of various Commercial Banks’ BODs and committees: General Management Committee (GMC), Head Office Credit Committee (HOCC), Assets and Liability Management Committee (ALCO), Moreover, He has represented Mibank as Board Member at (Arab Contractors Medical Centre –Incolease Company-Remco Company for Tourism). Mr. Tarek has participated in all Mibank Restructuring phases under the supervision of Lloyds Bank TSB, Mr. Tarek was appointed as assistant Sub- Governor at CBE (Chief Risk Officer) beside managing the re-engineering of process and procedures, Then he became the Sub- Governor at Central Bank of Egypt (Head of        on- site Banking Supervision and Chief Risk Officer- Head of Risk Management). Currently he sits as Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque Chairman since 1/8/2018

Dr. Mahmoud Abou El Oyoun
Non-executive Board Member
Dr. Abou El Oyoun holds a Ph.D. degree of Philosophy in Economics. He is the Economic Advisor for the Arab Fund on Economic and Social Development and founder and CEO of Guardian Security System Company since 2012. Dr. Abou El Oyoun was the CEO for Kuwait International Bank (2010-2011) and Advisor to the Kuwaiti Minister of Finance (2006-2010). Dr. Abou El Oyoun was appointed the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) (2001-2003) after playing different leading positions at the CBE. He successfully established the Egyptian Money Laundering Combating Unit (EMLCU). Dr. Abou El Oyoun was also the Egyptian Governor of Arab Monetary Fund (2001-2003) as well as the Egyptian Governor of the African Development Bank. He was the economic and financial advisor for several ministers and economic and financial institutions in Egypt and abroad. He is a member of board of directors in several entities. Dr. Abou El Oyoun is the author of numerous books as well as academic papers and research, and he is also a professor of economics at the University of Zaqaziq.

Mr. Atef Ali Ibrahim El-Sayed
Non-executive Board Member
Mr. Ibrahim was the Managing Director of Banque du Caire, a member of its board and the Executive Committee, and Head of the Asset Liability Committee. He was the first sub Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt in charge of foreign exchange interbank, monetary policy implementation, reserve management, and external debt. Mr. Ibrahim has gained extensive experience in the banking industry in both local and international markets. He acted as the General Manager and Senior Investment Officer of Arab International Bank in Cairo, Vice President and Investment Consultant at Merrill Lynch in both London and Bahrain, and Investment Consultant at Lehman Brothers in Bahrain. He also served as Head of Treasury at Gulf Riyad Bank in Bahrain as well as Arab African International Bank in Cairo. Mr. Atef holds an MBA from the American University in Cairo in Business Finance and completed his Investment Certification with the (NYSE), the (NASD), and the (CBOT).

Mr. Hassan Mokhtar Hegazy Kamal Eldin
Non-executive Board Member

Mr. Abu Bakr Mahmoud El Gendi
Non-executive Board Member

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Salam Abdel Aziz
Non-executive Board Member

Mr. Mohamed Mohsen Salah El Din Adel Abdel Wahab
Non-executive Board Member
Mr. Mohsen held several managerial positions at Arab Contractors Company (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.) until he was appointed the company’s Chairman and CEO. Before that, he was the Head of the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation. He also was the Chairman of the Arab Contractors Employees Insurance Fund, Chairman of Elite Company for Tourism Development, and a board member of Metro Company for Touristic Buildings. He is also a member of several business councils and chamber of commerce.

Mr. Sayed Farouk Abdel Hamid Elbaroudy
 Non-executive Board Member
Mr. El Baroudy is the vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors Company. He holds a Bachelor degree in civil Engineering from Ain Shams University. He has more than 36 years of experience during which he has assumed key leading positions. Mr. El Baroudy has led and supervised several strategic sectors and enormous projects among which are the Housing and Quarries sector, the Electro- mechanical sector, Distinction buildings and Industrial buildings, the Central Bank of Egypt construction project, Cairo Stadium construction project. He was also the deputy responsible for the Joint venture for Bibiotheca Alexandria project with Balfour Beatty and Rodio Trevi. He assumed the responsibility for leading and supervising Dar Al-Hadith Auditorium construction project at Madinah-Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ashraf El Sharkawy
 Non-executive Board Member

Mr. Shaheer Wafik William Nashed
 Independent Board Member

Mrs. May Abdel Hamid Ahmed Elsayed
Independent Board Member


SAIB Board Committees

Audit Committee

The Committee supervises the bank’s regulatory functions and Internal Audit (in accordance with article 82 of Law 88 for the year 2003). The committee is constituted according to Article No. (82) of the Law No. (88) for the year 2003 and consists of three non-executive board members who have the experience, knowledge, and expertise in the financial and accounting fields.

Risk Committee

The Committee controls and follow up the bank’s risk management functions and its compliance with strategies and policies adopted to manage risk.

Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee

The Committee’s primary purpose is to develop and recommend to the Board corporate governance policies and guidelines for the Bank, also identifying, nominating director and committee member candidates for election to the Board and appointment to committee membership. The committee ensures the application of Corporate Governance rules. The committee is comprised of three non-executive members.

Compensation and Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to study salaries and bonuses and review policies and regulations related to salaries, allowances, bonuses, profit incentives and promotions.
The Committee reviews regulations governing the Board Members and employees advantages in sight of the anticipated objectives to be achieved and submits recommendations to The Board of Directors. The committee is comprised of three non-executive members.

Executive Committee

SAIB Executive Committee is constituted in accordance with the provisions of Article (82) of the Law No. (88) for the year 2003. The committee is comprised of nine members and is presided over by the chairman or his deputy. The main duties of the committee are stated under Article No. (29) of the Executive Statute of the aforementioned law.